Thursday, August 23, 2012

Art Journal

I've been reading about art journals for a while now. The other day I decided to go for it.

I bought a spiral bound book with sturdy, shiny pages from the thrift store, about $1. I believe the spiral binding will allow the book to expand without looking overly full.

Here are some typical pages from the book. Silly, aren't they? I plan to cover the illustrations with my art.

Here is the page for my second art journal entry. (I did one the day before but didn't think to take any pictures of the process.)

Using my granddaughters' paints and paintbrushes, I sloshed on some paint to cover up the drawings. I used my hairdryer to dry the paint.

I referred to a list of art prompts that I had created by looking around the room, writing words that popped into my head as I looked at various objects. I ended up with a list of 75 nouns, adjectives, concepts, etc. I picked 10 words at random for the first 10 days.

The prompt for the day was "hiding". I wrote Hopes, Dreams and Fears in fat permanent pen, then covered the words by gluing a piece of scarf material from a bag of scraps.

I've done three pages in three days, and I kind of like it. Although I'm a perfectionist, I've told myself that the pages don't have to be perfect. I try to get a page done within 15 minutes. I don't have fancy art supplies, but at this point they aren't necessary. When the book is full I'll find another, probably at the thrift store.

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  1. What fun!
    I hope you'll share more pages with us!!


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