Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coin Sections Finished

I finished the coin sections last night.  They went pretty quickly. 

The 10-strip sequence. 
Originally I had planned to do a Stack the Deck technique.  But after thinking it over and moving things around in my head for quite a while, I decided to use the same order throughout.  It was simple, and still provided the scrappy look I was after.

Eight strips are sewn together, then cut into three coin sections. 
The bottom two strips will be used in the next set.

8 strips sewn together

Cut into 3 sections, each 6" wide

3 coin sections laid out on wall

The two leftover strips have been placed at the top. 
As before, the bottom strips will be used in the next (third) set.

Second set of 8 strips sewn together

Cut into three sections

6 coin sections

I repeated a few more times, until I had 20 coin sections.

All five coin columns, each with 4 coin sections.

The airplane fabric has not arrived from Canada yet.  I'm hoping it comes in the next few days.  When it gets here I'll be able to look for more fabric to fill out the back, probably a turquoise solid or tone-on-tone.  Meanwhile I can sew black sashing between the columns.

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