Friday, November 21, 2014

Two Quilts Finished and Delivered

Today I delivered two quilts to Stanislaus Family Justice Center, a local agency that helps people who have been abused. Each child who comes through gets to choose a quilt to keep.

Improv Quilt
Inspired by a color challenge found at The Color Throwdown blog of navy, pale plum and green.
All from stash and scraps
38" square
Original design
Completed 10/24/2014

Did a little straight line machine quilting. I usually tie quilts, but I decided to do some machine quilting, after taking the online class Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot at It's not perfect but some child will love the quilt, anyway. The quilt is quite small, also, but I have faith that it will be just right for someone.

Superman Remixed
Turning Twenty style, made largely of leftovers from two previous Superman quilts.
All from stash and scraps.
59" square
Completed 11/21/2014

The Superman print with smaller figures is from a quilt I made for my grown son Robbie, a Superman fan since childhood. The print with larger motifs is from a quilt I made for friend Andy D., also a Superman fan.

This is the first Superman quilt, made for my son Robbie in October 2010.

This is the second quilt, made for friend Andy D. in January 2013.

Purposely, I did not repeat any of Robbie's fabrics for Andy's quilt. I wanted each to be unique. But I did combine the fabrics for the charity quilt, and I think they go quite nicely together.

I hope that the Improv Quilt and Superman Remixed will bring a bit of cheer and comfort to the children who choose them.



  1. What a WONDERFUL thing for the children to receive a quilt! (Especially given that so many organizations give out stuffed animals, and goodness knows many kids already have too many of those!) Your designs are wonderful, and I'm so happy you took the time to let us know that your first one was inspired by the Color Throwdown colors back in August! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with Tammy...your quilts are wonderful and we are thrilled that you used our color challenge colors fro you inspiration!!!! The children will love these....making the quilts for them is such a kind and generous thing to do!!!!


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