Monday, April 30, 2012

Linda's Plaid Quilt Finished

Linda's Plaid
For co-worker Linda P.
Patriotic Plaid Block
Original Design
51" Square
Completed 4/29/2012

Plaid squares have colors of neighboring strips: Green/Green, Red/Red, Green/Red.
Background rose print refers to Linda's love of roses.

Inspiration: Linda's shirt that she wore to work

Original coloring based on Linda's shirt
Changed coloring after conversation with Linda, who has burgundy and green in her home.

I just finished Linda's Plaid, for co-worker Linda P. The inspiration is a plaid shirt that Linda wore to work. The quilt is a surprise, a belated birthday gift. Linda knows I want to make a quilt based on the shirt, but she has no idea that the quilt is for her.

After a frustrating attempt to mimic the plaid, I chose Patriotic Plaid Block. Originally I had planned to make a quilt in a similar color scheme as the shirt. I started wondering if the color scheme would work in her home. So after a sneaky conversation with Linda, I found out that she likes red, but has more burgundy in her home, as well as green. She also loves roses. Immediately I changed the color scheme to burgundy and green. While shopping for background fabric, I found the white/black/red rose print, which I also used on the back of the quilt. I used three plaid fabrics to go in the intersections of the different colored strips: green/green, red/red and green/red.

I'm on vacation this week, so it will be a week before I give Linda the quilt. I hope she'll like it. She definitely will be surprised.

Update: I gave Linda her quilt on Monday, May 7. She was surprised and seemed to like the quilt. Enjoy, Linda!

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