Thursday, April 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday 4/18/2012

Springtime - Mixed Media Quilt

This week I created Springtime, a mixed media quilt. I started with a greeting card and added fabric, lace, beads, stones, glass and silk flowers - most of which were found on-hand. I like how the little quilt turned out. I have it on display at my desk at work.

Electric Quilt sketch of Linda's Plaid

Background fabric for Linda's Plaid
Linda loves roses and this fabric fit the bill.

Plaid fabrics for intersections of color strips
Left: for intersection of red/green
Center: for intersection of green/green
Right: for intersection of red/red

Fabric collection for Linda's Plaid

Linda's Plaid is a quilt for co-worker Linda P. The inspiration for the quilt was a plaid shirt that Linda wore. I found out recently that Linda loves roses. I was hoping to find a white-on-white rose-themed fabric for the background of Linda's Plaid. I found one possibility at one store, then tried another store. On the third pass-through of the second store I spied the white/black/red rose print which told me it wanted to be in the quilt. I bought a couple of yards. The next day I went back and found three plaids to go in the little squares where the color strips meet. I prefer the clean look of nearly solid background, and I was a little concerned about the busyness of the rose print. However I think the strong lines of solid green and burgundy will help create the graphic feel I like.

I'll start working on Linda's Plaid in a day or two.

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