Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Springtime - Mixed Media Quilt

Mixed Media Quilt
Paper, fabric, silk flowers, lace, semi-precious stones, glass, beads.
Original design, made mainly from items on-hand.
9" x 13". Completed 4/15/2012.

Pink stones are held in place with tiny beads.

Needed a dark green in this spot. Large glass heart with flower inside was just right. Quite heavy. Love it!

I intended to make the quilt for Easter, but missed that deadline. However, the card was springy enough to last through April and May. I love the soft, feminine feel of the card, and chose elements that seemed to support that vibe.

To see how the piece came together, please read on.

Started with greeting card from grocery store. Four different possibilities for background fabric.

Love this fabric, but can't get past the snowflakes. Tried to imagine they were lace doilies, which would be great for the romantic feel I wanted to create. But still saw snowflakes.

Seems too dark

Like the pink, but too much like the card. No zing.

Green print is the winner. Card and fabric seem to hold their own even when close together.

Gathered different bits and bobs. May or may not use all of these.

Background fabric

Sizing up for a cut

Folded back on itself. Size is good, back will be same pretty fabric. Note: cut free-hand with scissors, not with straight-edge and rotary cutter.

Cut along fold, placed scrap batting between layers, aligned edges of fabric as best I could.

Using flower head pins to hold layers in place

Auditioning threads for quilting

My picks

Sewed about 1/2" from edges


I've had these Dollar Tree scissors for a few years. They don't work well on fabric. They barely work on paper.

Tried a wavy cut with regular scissors. Don't like it that much.

Trimmed edges straight, used fancy stitch to enclose layers.

Cute stitch, first time using it

Did some free motion quilting with darning foot (first time using it).

I like this group of embellishments.

Trimmed card to very narrow white border.

Card taped in place. Silk flowers tucked behind card, to be caught in edgestitching.

Card stitched in place

Laces stitched with very small stitches to deliberately paint myself into a corner. Wanted to make it difficult to undo, force myself to find creative fixes.

Pretty good so far

Added pink lace flowers. I like the off-balance.

Here's what I accomplished in one evening.

Side view of silk flowers. I like the 3-D effect.

Took piece with me to fabric stores to find more embellishments. Found the green glass heart, among other things.

I love the green glass heart with the flower in it. It filled the spot with the dark green that was so needed.

Small pink stones held in place with tape (upper part of quilt)

Using long, thin beading needle to sew on stones, which will be held in place with tiny clear beads. Although the stones are angular, I like the different texture that they add to the piece.

Pink stones sewn

Considered using embroidery floss to hold glass heart, but opted for ribbon which seems stronger.

Once again, the finished quilt.

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