Thursday, April 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday 4/11/2012

Springtime - Mixed Media Quilt
Not quite finished yet

Started with this collection

The light pink flowers are actually a little stem of silk flowers. I tucked the stem behind the card and caught the stem in the edgestitching to lock it in place. I like the 3-D aspect of the flowers.

I haven't done much quilting this week. After I finished Larry a week ago, I got caught up on some bookkeeping. Also I've been trying to sew some pants before I start a new project. But I just couldn't resist the urge to create tonight, so I worked on Springtime, my second mixed media quilt. Aside from the new greeting card, the quilt is made from items on hand. The quilt still needs some embellishment, perhaps some pearl beads, but it will look pretty much like the picture. I tried a new fancy stitch to finish the edges of the quilt, and I tried out the darning foot for some free-motion quilting. I like the quilt a lot so far.

Linda's Plaid Electric Quilt Sketch

Patriotic Plaid Block

Linda's plaid shirt that inspired the quilt

The original coloration based on the shirt

The next quilt I'll work on is Linda's Plaid, inspired by a shirt worn by co-worker Linda P. After trying to create my own pattern that mimics Linda's shirt and getting frustrated, I decided to use the Patriotic Plaid block that I found online. The quilt design doesn't look exactly like the shirt but it's still a plaid. Recently I spoke to Linda to find out if the color scheme would fit her home, without tipping her off that I'm making a quilt. I found out that she has a lot of burgundy and green, so the quilt's color scheme changed immediately. I'm so glad I talked to her while I could still make an adjustment. 

During the same conversation I learned that Linda likes roses, too. I will find a way to work them in, possibly as a tone-on-tone in the white areas and/or in the little cornerstones where the strips intersect. Similarly to a plaid, I want the cornerstones to be color combos of green/green, burgundy/burgundy or green/burgundy, determined by the colors of the strips that they connect.

I'll probably start Linda's quilt this weekend.

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