Thursday, April 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday 4/25/2012

Four Patriotic Plaid Blocks
Linda's Plaid Quilt

I've sewn four of nine Patriotic Plaid blocks for Linda's Plaid quilt. I like the way the quilt is looking. I should have the rest of the blocks sewn in a couple of days. I'm not going to be able to get the quilt to co-worker Linda P. before her Friday birthday. Normally I could bring it on the Monday after, but I'm off work all next week. So I'll get it to her when I return to work. The quilt is a surprise so it won't hurt to get it to her after her birthday.

I'll be close to home next week. I'm playing the piano in an orchestra for a local high school musical. There will be lots of rehearsals in the evenings and performances on the weekend. During the day I plan to do an at-home quilting retreat, during which I'll create a music-themed quilt that I have named Cadenza. The inspiration came to me a couple of days ago while I was walking through the parking lot into work.

Hopscotch Blocks
From my April 2009 quilting retreat in Pacifica, CA.

My idea is to create several horizontal rows of Hopscotch blocks (from the book Quilters Playtime by Dianne S. Hire), which should look sort of like music notes on a page. I'm thinking of an off-white plain background, with wonky squares of solids and tones-on-tone in black, brown, blue and rust. Between the rows would be some music-themed prints. I already have a grocery bag full of fabrics, just waiting for inspiration, which arrived just in time.

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