Saturday, January 06, 2007

Children's Shelter Quilts

Shortly before Christmas my friend and co-worker Judy B. and I delivered 10 quilts and 21 fleece blankets to a local children's shelter. The quilts were mostly made with quilt tops from my stash; one quilt top, fabric and charms, were donated by fellow on-line quilters years ago.

I couldn't afford to pay for the finishing supplies for so many quilts, so I posted a request for help on my office bulletin board. I received gift certificates and discount coupons for local fabric stores, as well as fabric and sheets. Many people donated cash, and after I purchased the quilting supplies, the leftover money was used to buy the fleece blankets. One friend contributed by tying knots in a quilt.

Fonda P.
Mary Jane M.
Sharon G.
Judy B.
Karen L.
Jennifer F.
Tina T.
Barbara W.
Jackie F.
Veronica B.
Cathy C.
Shelly A.
Becky R.
Carla D.
Donna P.
Carol H.

Stash quilt

The fleece that Tina T. donated made 2 of these blankets

Center is from stash; outer blocks from unknown donor

Blocks from Liberated Quiltmaking study

Stash quilt

Charms donated by Marsha Hunt

Stash quilt

19 fleece blankets purchased with cash donations

Karen L. and her aunt tied knots

Fabric donated by Connie Sue Greiner

Cat fabric purchased with donation from Judy B.

Quilt top donated by Linda Darrah

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