Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Monterey, Day 3

This is my third and last day in Monterey. The Amtrak bus doesn't leave until afternoon, so I have time to do some exploring. I have breakfast at Old Monterey Cafe on Alvarado. The food is delicious. I catch Bus 1X, headed for Lover's Point in Pacfic Grove to look at the ocean. I sit on a bench and look at the water, rocks and birds. It's beautiful.

Back on the bus, I get off on Lighthouse to find Back Porch Fabric. On the way, I hear music coming from a park. In a gazebo, an older gentleman is playing jazz clarinet to recorded music. As a professional musician myself, it gets my attention. I talk to the man, Russ Guarino, who plays with the Monterey Lighthouse Jazz Band. I spend some time talking to him and listening to him play. Then I excuse myself to find the quilt store.

At Back Porch Fabric, I buy an office-themed fat quarter. It's a nice store, well worth visiting if you come to the Monterey area.

I get back on the bus and head back to the Transportation Center. I check out Turtle Bay Taqueria, which looks interesting, but decide not to eat there. I walk back to the motel, pick up my bag, then have lunch at El Palomar, where I ate on my first day.
Back to the Transportation Center, where I catch the Amtrak bus back to Merced. Luckily, the bus driver stops for a potty break about halfway through the three-hour trip. Once back in Merced, I catch the train for the short ride back home.

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