Monday, January 15, 2007

Quilting Again

After a month-long hiatus, I'm quilting again. The hiatus was the result of several months of quilting without a break. I usually take off a week or so between quilts, but I had pushed on through and I needed a break badly. During my downtime I got caught up on bookkeeping, shredded a couple of years' worth of old records, and did some filing. Now that the paper tiger is more under control, I am feeling free to sew again.

I have three projects to tackle during the next few months. The first quilt is for my co-worker Carla, who is retiring in early February. I chose the block Everybody's Favorite because Carla is so well-loved in the office. I remember a Victorian theme in Carla's house when I visited a few years ago. Following that theme I found a beautiful large rose print with a black background, along with a medium pink tone-on-tone rose print, a sweet off-white with tiny roses, and a dark green with little gold paisleys. I'll start sewing Carla's quilt today.

The second project is a set of two wallhangings commissioned by another co-worker, Mimi. Mimi had a friend who died from breast cancer, and Mimi's idea is to take scraps of the friend's clothing to make quilts for the friend's two grown sons. I've come up with a few designs, which I need to let Mimi review.

The third project is a charity quilt commissioned by a former co-worker, Joyce, who retired from our office a few years ago. Nearly every year I make a fundraiser quilt for Joyce. Joyce's son is a swim coach at the local community college. The quilt will be raffled or auctioned as a fundraiser for the swim team this spring. Joyce suggested Harry Potter as a theme. I bid for and won a couple of yards of Harry Potter fabric on Ebay, which will arrive in the next week. I'm playing with some designs in my head right now. Once the fabric arrives, I may get a more solid direction.

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