Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monterey, Day 2

Most of my day today will be spent in a seminar. After a continental breakfast at my motel, I walk down to the Portola Hotel, where the seminar will take place. I find the room, and take a seat. There are about 30 of us taking the class. It is a very informative class, and I find out that I am an authentic leader--someone with the natural ability to lead, but without a formal title.

Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey

When we break for lunch, Hilda--a gal from Monterey sitting next to me--and I look for a place to eat at Fishermen's Wharf near the hotel. We eat at Isabella's on the wharf. Above is the view from our table.

When the seminar ends late afternoon, I decide to go to Carmel to see the sunset. I don't have time to go back to my motel to change my shoes. I catch Bus 5 to Carmel and get off as close to Carmel Beach as possible. I still have to walk a few steep blocks down to the beach, in my good shoes. I arrive just before sunset, and stand on a little slab of concrete while I watch the sun go down.

Sunset at Carmel State Beach
It's a long walk back up the hill to the bus stop. Back in Monterey, I rest for half an hour. I put on my walking shoes, and head out in search of dinner. I stop at the desk to make sure I can leave my bag with them in the morning while I do some running around. The Amtrak bus doesn't leave until afternoon, and I don't want to drag my suitcase around all day.


Everything's cool with the front desk, so I head out. I'm interested in Italian food, and I head to the wharf. I couldn't find any Italian that really interested me, so I stroll downtown. I settle on Rocine's on Alvarado. I had Chicken Castroville, which was really good. After dinner, I walk back to my motel, where I watch TV before going to sleep.

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