Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fundraiser Quilt Delivered

Light the Night Quilt
Fundraiser for Light the Night Walk (leukemia and lymphoma)
All from stash
Original design
50" x 60"
Completed 10/6/2013

Close-up. Red sports fabric was given to me eight years ago by my son Robbie and daughter-in-law Laurie to announce that they were expecting their first child. Gave up much of the fabric for this quilt, which honors co-worker Michael A.'s son who died of leukemia in 1997. Michael and his wife participate in Light the Night Walk each year. Saved a small piece of the sports fabric for myself as a keepsake.

I delivered the Light the Night fundraiser quilt to co-worker Mike A. yesterday. I told him the story about the red sports fabric (see above). He thanked me, will list the quilt on team's website and let me know how the sale goes. I hope it brings a lot of money for the cause (leukemia and lymphoma).

My next project is a quilt for Gleen, a retiring co-worker. Gleen is soft-spoken, quiet, and wears a lot of neutrals, especially navy and gray. My vision for the quilt was something simple and clean. I pictured an off-center cross in a navy and white Asian-looking print against a gray chambray (lightweight denim).

EQ sketch

I found these fabrics a few weeks ago, while shopping after the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting. The print was black, not navy, but I was still happy with my purchases.

Preface to the next photo: A few days before I went fabric shopping, Becky, who works closely with Gleen, suggested we might use some of his shirts in the quilt. She would try to talk him into donating to a Goodwill sort of place, and she volunteered to take the shirts if he'd bring them to work. I went ahead and shopped since I didn't know if Gleen would give up his shirts.

Lo and behold, Gleen brought a big garbage bag full of shirts! I'll choose a few to use in the quilt, then give the rest to Becky, whose pastor wears about the same size as Gleen.

Here are the shirts along with my purchased fabrics.

Here is the new sketch, incorporating pieces of Gleen's shirts. At this point I am not planning to use my ginkgo leaf print in the quilt, although I could. I think the shirts would do more to personalize the quilt and I can save the print for another project.

Before you start thinking this will be a boring quilt, there will be fun on the back. I've had suggestions of Bruce Lee, a quote from Willy Wonka, and a photo of Gleen and his fellow accounting staff. Those images will be printed on fabric and incorporated on the back of the quilt.

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