Thursday, September 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday 9/12/2012

A Few of Sharon's Favorite Things
For co-worker Sharon W. T.
Images printed on fabric
Original design
58" square
Mostly from stash
Completed 9/12/2012


 June Tailor Sew-in Printer Fabric

Printed downloaded images onto printer fabric, four to a page, then cut apart

Blue border around each printed image

Wide white-on-white border to make 12.5" unfinished block

Tonight I finished A Few of Sharon's Favorite Things, a quilt for co-worker Sharon W. T., who is leaving our office, going back to the sister office where she worked several years ago - now as Director. Tomorrow is Sharon's last day in our office.

At the suggestion of Sharon's supervisor, the Assistant Director of our office, I gathered images of what I've been told are some of Sharon's favorite things. Most of the images were downloaded from her Facebook albums, so Sharon will recognize those. I added a few other images to represent other interests.

I made the quilt in about a week, and began actual sewing on Sunday. This quilt joins my list of what I call Four Day Wonders - quilts that have come together in a matter of days. Yes, I am nuts.

Also this week I delivered three quilts to Stanislaus Family Justice Center, where each child who visits receives a quilt. All three quilts were part of a box of mostly quilt tops from Marilyn L. of Vacaville Binky Patrol.

This quilt arrived ready to go.

This quilt just needed binding.

This quilt arrived as a top. I removed a section of length, added border all around and finished the quilt.

Using the section I removed from the quilt top, I made this pillowcase, which I safety pinned to the quilt so the set would stay together. 

My next project will be a block for the Dots on Dots Blog Hop. I have an idea. Be sure to stop by next week to see what I come up with.


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