Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Kinds Quilt

With Mystery #3 done and delivered yesterday (more on that later) I'm starting another, very quick, quilt.  It's for my brother Wayne, who according to my sister-in-law Monica, loves all kinds of sports.  I chose All Kinds quilt block and found a multi-sports themed fabric.  At first my design was 25 blocks, half of them All Kinds, a somewhat complicated block.  Due to time crunch I modified the quilt design to 9 larger blocks, with one central All Kinds block.  The remaining eight blocks are simplified variations of All Kinds, which should be quick to make.  I'm paper-piecing all the blocks.

Last night I washed/dried the fabric and drew my paper-pieced patterns.  Tonight I'll make the All Kinds block--the most difficult.  With the new design I may need a little more of one of the fabrics.  I'll have to see in the morning after I piece some of the other blocks.  Joann's is sure to close early on Christmas Eve.

My deadline is looming, so I've got to boogie!

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