Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Year of Retirement Quilts

I have named 2013 as The Year of Retirement Quilts. I have made six quilts for retiring co-workers this year. That's a lot! In comparison, I made two retirement quilts last year. In 2014 I anticipate about the same number as this year.

I keep a list of upcoming quilts in my Outlook Tasks at work, arranged by due date. They help me keep organized. Months ago, the list became so long, I had to break it up into two tasks: quilts due in 2013 and those due in 2014. Whee!

The retirement quilts for 2013 are:
Lights On, Bob!
San Francisco Giants
A Tropical Medley
Menswear, Gleen's Wear
In Verdant Dreams
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

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