Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tuesday Update - 12/3/2013

Over the weekend I started a new quilt, a fundraiser for a local charity. It's Christmas-themed, at their suggestion.

Electric Quilt sketch

Fabrics from stash

Christmas fabric must have been a donation, because I don't recall buying it. Cute!
White-on-white reminds me of snow. Will use it in Snowball blocks.

First nine-patch block

Most of the nine-patch blocks. Note the center red block. The three sets of red blocks are a little different from each other. The center set uses reds from the other two. I call it a hybrid. there wasn't enough of either reds to make four blocks, so I combined them.

Nine patch blocks done

Background fabric for Snowball block

Fabric squares for the corners
Drew a diagonal line through the center

Placed on background, sewed on the line

Pressed toward the corner

Trimmed away excess red, leaving background intact

Folded triangle back in place
Could have trimmed red before pressing, but I like to make sure the corner works first.

As seen from the back. Can just see a red shadow behind the white fabric, top right.

All corners sewn, pressed and trimmed

There are some waste triangles left. I may use them for another project or donate them to Binky Patrol. Either way, I put all of the triangles in a zip bag to keep them together. Makes them easier to find later.

As seen from the back

Snowball blocks added to design wall

Close-up of Snowball

 The quilt is due in a couple of days. I stayed home from work today and did quite a bit of sewing. I'll continue this evening, as well. Plain squares of the Santa fabric need to be cut, then the blocks sewn together and a border attached. My goal is to get the quilt close to knot-tying stage by bedtime tonight.

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