Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Quilt Finishes

Here are some quilts I've finished in the past few months.

Sew, How Do You Take Your Tea?
For retiring co-worker Karen L.
Original design
59" square
Completed 7/8/2015

Inspiration ideas provided by Karen: purple, royal blue, mauve, quilts and tea. Karen hopes to learn to quilt, and the quilt's title is a deliberate pun, combining sewing and tea.

Improv - Aqua Room
Pieced improvisationally. Color combo inspiration came from an aqua room seen on Pinterest. Completely from scraps. Free motion quilted. 
20" x 25"

Pieced units, sewn improvisationally, trimmed to workable sizes. I worked with multiples of 5" finished, so my units were trimmed dimensions of 5.5", 10.5", etc. This helps the pieces fit together easily. I recommend Cheryl Arkison's class Improv Quilting Basics at, which I enjoyed.

Jeweled Stars
For coworker Becky T.
Inspired by one of her shirts that already looked like a quilt.
Original design
 52" square 
Completed 8/27/2015

Close-up of Becky's shirt, which inspired the quilt. I borrowed the shirt at least once. She knew that I might make a quilt based on it, but she had no idea that the quilt would be for her.

Improv 3
Free form and improv style. Most blocks made during various quilting trips.To be donated to local agency that helps people who have been abused. 
56" square 
Completed 11/8/2015

Some of the blocks above began as units made during quilting trips, I added strips and scraps to make the blocks bigger.

New units made from trimmings and smaller scraps


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