Thursday, February 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday 2/26/2014

Quilt block for cat quilt
Zigzag applique
Read on to see how it came together.

Gray and pink fabrics to re-create part of the cat seen on the fabric

Dark purple square for background

One of several printouts of the cat, enlarged many times. Hash marks show which edges are under other fabrics.

Cat printout, then dark purple placed on light box. Traced shapes with white tailor's chalk, indicating placement of large pieces of fabric.

Also using light box, traced cat's chest, head and ears with Frixion pen. The purple ink disappears with just a touch of the iron.

Body pinned to background

Head pinned to background

Ears pinned to background
Just before I began to zigzag around the edges, I noticed that the head and ears were wrong side up. Rather than re-do both pieces, just flipped to the right side and re-drew the detail lines with the Frixion pen. That caused both pieces to be a little out of whack as they aren't symmetrical, but I made them work.

Gray fabrics zigzag appliqued

Cut out the nose and tongue as one piece, rather than two. Kind of looks like a pink carrot!

Cat's hair pattern piece

Swiped over the edges with white tailor's chalk to create an outline on the black fabric. Although I just pinned all of the other pieces, I spray basted the back of this piece to hold down the jagged edges during the zigzag applique.

Hair, cheeks sewn down. Purple dots (Frixion pen) on the cheeks show where whiskers begin. Notice the black area just above the tongue. Rather than add a separate black piece of fabric, I colored it with a fabric marker.

Eyes added

Another view - zero to this in just a couple of hours. I surprised myself.

Detail lines added with black fabric marker

Trimmed up

Left - cat on original fabric
Right - enlarged about 5.5 times

Right, TC's Christmas made in Summer 2012. Quilt's recipient Sherrie wanted TC but in a cat. I think she'll be happy with what I made.

Cat block plus large squares of theme fabric on the design wall
All will form the centers of Puss in the Corner blocks.

Two photos above: auditioning fabrics to frame the cat block. Right now I prefer the black. We'll see how I feel when I work on the quilt again in a day or two.

I plan to finish the quilt this weekend and deliver to Sherrie on Monday, a few weeks before she retires, but close to her birthday.

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  1. I sent you a message on facebook with a fabric offer for the back, if it will be in time. I included my cell number in that message as well so you can text me. When I go inside I will throw the fabric inthe wash with a vinegar rinse should you wish to take me up on the offer. This way it will be ready and I can mail it today by 6pm if I hear from you by then! I included pictures on facebook for you and also I have a cream paw print fabric that you may like too. Small scale all over print. Could be called a tan more than cream. but it is a tan on tan with the paw print about 2 shades darker.


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