Monday, February 01, 2010

Paris Brown Started

My next project is Paris Brown, a quilt based on a Paris-themed print I bought years ago at Poppy Fabric in Oakland (sadly no longer in business).  I'm making the quilt for myself, to go on my bed as an extra blanket.  The colors work well with the store-bought quilt that I have.

Paris theme print

EQ sketch of Paris Brown

The center of the quilt will be the theme print, shown above in beige.  For my design I chose blocks whose names seem to relate to Paris:  Souvenir--with the large center squares, and Quatrefoils--with the four points.

Above are the fabrics I chose for the quilt.  About half are from stash and about half are recent purchases.  The butterfly fabric will fill the large center squares of the Souvenir blocks; the medium dark brown and mottled pink will also be in those blocks.  The Quatrefoils blocks will have the deep chocolate, mottled pink, brown/pink floral and/or caramel.  I'm not settled yet on the last two fabrics; the floral blends really well, but the caramel adds a little punch.  I may use a little of both.  We'll see.

Tonight I layered the medium dark brown and mottled pink on triangle paper to make 80 half-square triangles.  Tomorrow I'll sew them.

You may wonder why I call this quilt Paris Brown.  I bought two Paris prints on the same day at the same store.  The other print has ladies in fifties clothes walking their dogs and eating at sidewalk cafes.  The colors are blues and pinks so I call that project Paris Blue.


  1. Lovely fabric. Have fun with it.

  2. Beautiful plan, can't wait to see you totally execute it. Like the new name too, Pappillons de Paris seems to just flow off the tongue. Happy Stitching,


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