Saturday, April 02, 2011

Have an idea

Design notes

My younger granddaughter’s name is Piper. Two of her nicknames are Pipes and Piperoni. Her first birthday is coming soon and I got the idea to make a quilt for her based on her nicknames.

I want to make squares containing triangular pizza-like shapes out of fabric that has big circles that look like pepperoni. The pizza slices would be contained in a large square made of background fabric, with the point of the slice aimed at a corner. Four slices would be arranged almost to look like a four-petal flower.

I also want to make sashing and cornerstones that looks like plumbing pipes. My idea is to make three-piece sashing made of a large center stripe surrounded on each side by narrow strips of background—kind of like an exaggerated Fence Rail.

See more progress on: Make Pipes and Piperoni quilt for granddaughter

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