Monday, April 25, 2011

Going along as moral support

My friend Lena has been thinking about taking BART to San Francisco. She’s never been on BART, but wants to try it. She’s a little nervous about it, so I offered to come along as moral support. I’ve taken BART and other Bay Area public transportation many times, and I plan to go as a coach of sorts. She will do all the planning and research, make the itinerary, and call the shots on the day. I told her I’d stop her if she was about to make any major blunders. Specifically, I suggested she check into the parking situation at BART, where I could think of at least two ways to get yourself messed up before you even board the train.
We’re planning to go to the Picasso exhibit in Golden Gate Park, which involves taking at least one city bus, and Lena will also research the bus system.
My plan is to take a back seat at much as possible, without being the leader, and pretending I don’t know anything. I’m sure Lena will do just fine.

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