Friday, April 01, 2011

Attended my daughter's special event

"I'm so glad I went"

How I did it: My daughter was to receive a special recognition and I wanted to attend. She lives in another state and travel was involved so I started planning about a year ago. I found out when the special day would be and asked for time off from both of my jobs. My daughter and I talked about how long my visit should last, as she needed to take time off, as well. About 1.5 months before the trip I bought my plane ticket.

I flew to my daughter's town the day before the special event and got to spend time with my daughter and her roommate. The next day about 20 of us gathered at a local restaurant to celebrate. Then most of us went on to the venue for the presentation, where dozens of well-wishers were already waiting to honor my daughter and a few other people.

I had the privilege and honor of presenting my daughter with her award. Although I was the only family there, I felt like I was representing all of us. My daughter and many others told me it meant a lot to her that I came for the special event. I'm so glad I went.

Lessons and tips: Take the time to attend your loved ones' special events. It means a lot to them.

Plan ahead. Ask for time off from work far enough ahead, especially if you must travel a good distance.

Resources: Allegiant Air

It took me 12 months.

It made me Honored to be there.

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