Thursday, March 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday 3/12/2014

Currently I'm working on a quilt centered around a panel of Mary Engelbreit fabric, given to me by a friend. Seems just right for spring.

Mary Engelbreit panel

Electric Quilt sketch
The theme panel will form the middle of the quilt, represented by gray and light green in the sketch. A companion fabric will go in the corners.

Auditioning fabrics - most from stash
Blue seems a little out of place to me, even though it goes well with the blue in the panel.

Subbing in a green print that has been in my stash for a long time. I like it.

Not sure if there is enough of the green print, so auditioning a couple of other greens, just in case.

Ordinarily I wouldn't put these two prints together in a small block, but it's growing on me. Seems to fit the whimsical nature of the Mary Engelbreit panel.

First block finished - I like it. Made 16 of these, the only pieced blocks of the whole quilt. Easy!

Approximate layout of the pieced blocks next to the panel

Preview of the pink fabric that will go between the blocks

Not sure if I love the pink so auditioning various pinks and reds. Right now I like the pink in the top center, and the darker red on the left side of the quilt. We'll see how I feel when I work on the quilt again in a day or two.
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