Saturday, October 01, 2011

Home Circle Quilt Block Re-designed

Original Home Circle block (left) and re-designed block (right)
New block will go in the center of the quilt.

I re-made a Home Circle block, substituting in dog paw fabric for housekeeping fabric, and a red center for the Boston Terrier print. The substitutions were made because two different blocks were “lost” and there wasn’t enough housekeeping or Boston Terrier fabric left to re-create the blocks as originally designed.

The block looks pretty good. I’m glad I used the red for the center of the re-made block. I think it needed it since the dog paw fabric reads darker than the housekeeping fabric. Since it looks different than the other Home Circle blocks, I will put it in the middle, where it will appear that the “different” block was in the plan all along.

Tomorrow I’ll finish assembling the remaining Home Circle blocks that are partially made. They will have the original fabrics in them. Also, I need to re-make a Hearth and Home block, which will have a daisy center instead of a Boston Terrier center.

It’s possible that the lady who accidentally took my blocks a month ago will show up with them at church tomorrow. If that happens I will have to decide whether to go with the original design or with the new dog paw center block.

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