Monday, October 10, 2011

First public viewing of my quilts

This Saturday I’ll be showing a few of my quilts at a Craft Fair at my church. This is the first time my quilts will be on public display. I chose four wallhangings and a throw sized quilt for the fair. I wrote up a description of each quilt for the viewers.

I’ll be out of town during set up time, but friend Deb S. generously agreed to hang up my quilts for me. By the time I get back to town the fair will be about half over, but I’ll still get to enjoy the other crafters’ work.

I’m excited about showing my creations. It’s not the county fair or a bona fide quilt show, but it’s a start. The fact that they are being seen by mostly non-quilters helps, too. My quilts will be enjoyed for their beauty and not picked apart by the quilt police.

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  1. Taking that first step to showing your quilts in public is hard. Congratulations on your bravery. ~Nita


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