Saturday, October 01, 2011

Re-designing blocks for Cristine's Bosties

Here are the finished blocks for Cristine's Bosties. I had finished two others, but they disappeared a few weeks ago and have not been returned.

Now that I’ve finished A Study in Stripes, I’m coming back to work on Cristine’s Bosties, a quilt for my housekeeper. The two blocks that walked away from church a few weeks ago still have not been returned. I haven’t seen the lady at church since I spoke to her about a month ago. I don’t know her last name and I don’t have her phone number. I can’t wait any longer, so I’m moving on.

I’m missing one of each of the blocks. Unfortunately, I do not have enough Boston Terrier or housekeeper fabric to re-create the lost blocks as originally designed. Those fabrics are not easily replaced, so I’m choosing to substitute other fabrics.
Added the makings of two Home Circle blocks

I put up on the design wall what I had, then stared at it for a long time, playing with possibilities in my head. The idea I’ve had in my head was to put two Hearth and Home blocks with new red centers in the middle row, flanking the center block. That won’t work, because that would be red next to red, plus the hassle of removing the Boston Terrier and swapping out for something else.

My idea to create a variation of Home Circle for the center, with dog paw fabric instead of housekeeping fabric, then a red center, would work.

I kept staring at the wall, and came up with the idea to reverse the Hearth and Home and Home Circle blocks. I wouldn’t have to substitute any housekeeping fabric. Overall the quilt would look a little darker. If I needed more dog bone fabric, I could find it locally. At first I was excited about that idea, then decided I would have a problem with symmetry for the Hearth and Home blocks without sacrificing one of the Boston Terrier centers.
Center block with dog paw fabric in one corner, red center

So I decided to go with a new Home Circle block with dog paw instead of housekeeping, and a red center. I would make one new Hearth and Home block with a daisy center. This block will go in the center bottom. It’s still not perfectly symmetrical but I can live with it.

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