Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quilts displayed in craft fair

Yesterday my church held a craft fair, featuring many different types of arts and crafts. I displayed a few of my quilts: Papillons de Paris (Butterflies of Paris) , April Showers, Hearts, Butterflies and Scrappy Stars.

It was the first public display of my quilts. But there was no pressure as most of the viewers were non-quilters, so I didn’t worry about my workmanship being picked apart.

I couldn’t be there for the set-up because I was in Sacramento for my quilt guild meeting until noon. Friend and room organizer Deb S. kindly set up my display. By the time I arrived the show was half over, but I still got to enjoy the other couple dozen exhibits. This was the first such craft fair in many years. I hope they do another one next year.

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