Monday, October 31, 2011

Nearly finished with Wavy Irish Chain

Quilt top turned right side out, top-stitched border

Close-up of stitching on border

Backing up a little...

Quilt top spray basted to batting

Trimmed batting even with edge of quilt top

Shamrock backing on bottom, stitched around perimeter.

Close-up of stitching (backing trimmed away)

Quilt turned right side out through this space which I left unsewn during piecing of backing. This "escape hatch" allows the quilt to be turned right side out. Have used technique many times in wallhangings.

Need to close the escape hatch. Using fusible thread - first time. Feels like dental floss.

Fusible thread sewn to one edge of escape hatch. Ironed to keep closed. Didn't stay shut in all places, so used Okay to Wash It glue, let dry overnight. Had problem in past where gap came open during quilting, trying to prevent similar problem.

Last night I turned the quilt right side out, top-stitched around the perimeter, then close to the inside edge of the border. I love the wavy border.

Tonight I’ll do more quilting. It won’t be too elaborate. I’m planning to quilt just inside the wavy vertical edges of the “plain” blocks, then quilt over the wavy horizontal seams. I haven’t chosen the stitch yet, but I’m probably going to use a light pink thread since the background of the plain blocks is light pink.

I hope to have the quilting done tonight.

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