Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Accomplished a lot tonight

I made good progress in a short time this evening. After I found the areas I wanted to use, I ironed fusible webbing to the backs of the log cabin and color splash fabrics, and combined three bird patterns into one (body of one, length of tail of another, and the end of the tail of a third).

I wanted very badly to cut out the bird tonight. But it’s very late, there’s a lot of detailed cutting to be done, and I just don’t trust myself right now to do this delicate job. I’m sure I’ll get a better result when I have more brains and a steadier hand tomorrow evening.

Perhaps the most challenging part of the project will be to cut fabric out of the spaces between the “logs” where the bird will show through the birdhouse. I have a couple of ideas on that. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow night.

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