Thursday, May 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday 5/9/2012

Cadenza Quilt Top

Last night I attached a border of black treble clef fabric. I love how the quilt looks, with the contrast between the off-white and black, the black strips between the four-patch and theme blocks, and the whimsy of the dancing music notes. I should have the quilt done by the end of the weekend.

Fishing-themed fabric

After that, I'm doing a quick charity quilt, based on a fishing-themed fabric I bought years ago. The quilt will be part of a raffle for my daughter-in-law Laurie's mothers group at church. I'm hoping it will be appealing as a Father's Day gift for a husband, father, etc.
Fishing Quilt Electric Quilt Sketch

I am doing a very simple design, with a big panel of the fishing print as the center of the quilt. It should be fast to make.


  1. I love your cadenza quilt. The dancing notes remind me of the old hymnals with the shaped notes that our church used when I was a child. Are the notes appliqued on?

  2. Thanks, bevkimmel. I know about shaped notes, and I was reminded of them as I was making the quilt. The notes are not appliqued; they are pieced. I took a rectangle of background fabric, sliced it diagonally, then inserted a strip of fabric. I took the newly pieced fabric (background/strip/background) and made vertical cuts to form the notes against background fabric. For details, please see the post:
    Have a great day,

  3. your cadenza quilt is gorgeous - might have to pin it!


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