Wednesday, May 02, 2012

At-Home Quilting Retreat - Day 2

Music notes/spacers units - production of the day

Design notes

Today I finished the music notes/spacers units. There are 64 units, to be distributed among four rows at 16 units per row. My idea is to throw all of the units into a big box, mix them up, draw 16 units for each row and place on the design board in the same order they were drawn. I will try to limit the number of re-arrangements and accept the random order as much as possible. The desired effect is a series of multi-colored notes that dance up and down in each row, just as real musical notes on a page would do. Later I may need to add background fabric to the edges of the rows to get them to the right width. Additionally, I'm thinking of placing one or two narrow black vertical strips in each row, to represent bars between measures.

My idea for the spaces between the music notes rows is to make a bunch of four-patch blocks, 4" finished, then adding plain 4" finished blocks of mostly music-themed prints to play them up. I may add narrow black vertical strips to divide each unit, as well as thin black horizontal strips to divide each row.

My plan for tomorrow is to make the four-patch blocks and plain blocks, then experiment with the layout for the music note/spacer units. It would be nice to begin sewing rows together, as well.

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