Thursday, May 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday 5/23/2012

Completed 5/20/2012

On Sunday night I finished Cadenza, a music themed quilt for co-worker, Facebook friend and fellow musician Ramin T., who plays the violin. The squarish shapes against the off-white background represent music notes dancing across a page. I included several music-themed fabrics, as well as coffee fabric and Roman numerals for Starbucks fan Ramin, who works in the accounting unit of the office.

I post photos and status updates about my quilts on Facebook, and it was fun to make the quilt right in front of Ramin. When I presented the quilt on Monday he was so surprised. He knew about the quilt but had no clue that it was for him. He assumed it was for some other musician friend of mine. I am so sneaky.

Relay For Life
Fundraiser quilt
To be auctioned by a team in my office
Design is a variation of Sylvia, a quilt I made for my niece Sylvia C.

Fabrics for the quilt - from stash
Two different white-on-white prints, in case I run out of one.

Divided the quilt into 4x4 "checkerboards". Found that there were three different blocks, labeled them A, B and C. Also there are a couple of extra rows at the top and bottom of the quilt to give more length. I labeled those strips W, X, Y and Z.

Breakdown of different checkerboard blocks and extra strips. Bottom of the page shows how many width of fabric cuts I need for different fabrics. I like to cut many strips at once. It makes assembly a bit faster, I think.

Four strips sewn together. This is the second row from the top of Block B. The strips are actually twice as long as shown.

Cross-cuts: There are eight in this stack.

First two stacks of strips

Four stacks of strips. These will make 8 Block Bs - half of the 16 blocks in the quilt.

Tonight I started working on a fundraiser quilt for Relay for Life. This will be a quick quilt. Already I'm nearly halfway done with the blocks. The quilt top will be all from stash.

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