Monday, May 07, 2012

At-Home Quilting Retreat - Days 6 and 7

Cadenza quilt top in seven rows

Saturday I sewed black strips to the four-patch blocks (sampling above).

Today I cut theme blocks and sewed black strips to them.

Look carefully to see double rows of stitching on some of the colored patches. Took deeper seams to take up excess width.

Tonight I sewed rows. Tomorrow I will join them together, then attach a border of black treble clef fabric.

I was hoping to get the Cadenza quilt finished by the end of the weekend, which is also the end of my at-home quilting retreat. But I was pretty tired after playing four shows (Pirates of Penzance) in two days, and spent some quality time on the sofa watching TV or napping. I'm still proud of what I accomplished during the week, having started the quilt from scratch on Monday.

I should be able to get the quilt done this week.

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