Sunday, November 01, 2009

Blocks Are Done!

I finished the last two blocks for Alice's View tonight.  Hooray!  Above are the blocks laid out with the center panel.  I need to sew blocks together to determine the finished size of the panel, then add narrow black borders to the panel to build it to the correct dimensions.

I picked up this fabric for the back today.  It's a companion print to one of the fabrics I used in a couple of the Bird of Paradise blocks (photo posted a few entries ago).  The blues and turquoises work well with the quilt top.  I'm not crazy about using a stripe on the back, because I don't want to mess with trying to line up the stripes perfectly.  I couldn't afford much, and my other (budget-friendly) choices were boring solids.  I found this at Beverly's in the $2.97 section, marked down to $2.22 a yard.  Yippee!  The piece was just short of 4 yards.  I may need to add a little bit to make it big enough.  We'll see.

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