Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Cards from Quilt Photo Ordered

About a year ago I created a photo book at, featuring lots of quilts I've made and little stories behind them.  It's a beautiful hardbound book, 8" x 11", which usually sells for $29.99.  I only had to pay shipping, thanks to an offer through Oprah, and thanks to my daughter-in-law who told me about it.  I've had credit for 30 free 4x6 photos on my account since then. 

Over the past year Snapfish has been emailing every now and then with different offers.  One of the recent ones was for Christmas photo cards.  I thought it would be fun to feature one of my quilts.  After fooling around with different cards available at Snapfish's site this morning, I decided to go ahead and get the free prints and use those as my Christmas cards this year.  I chose to show off Scrappy Stars which I finished this past summer.

Original photo with white felt design wall in background

Covered white edges with black in Paint program

Snapfish will add a bit more black to the edges of the prints.  I'm kind of excited about my cards, and I'm thinking of making a tradition of it.


  1. THAT my dear, is an absolutely adorable idea!! Everyone loves your quilts and it is just another way to showcase your time, energy, talent for the world to enjoy!
    Absolutely wonderful idea!!

  2. What an outstanding idea! And if a person didn't put a holiday greeting, just a regular one, they could also be made up for greeting cards for other occasions. You're very creative in more ways than one!


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