Thursday, October 09, 2014

WIP Wednesday - New Quilt Started

Tonight I started working on a new quilt for retiring co-worker Gigi M. She knows she is getting a quilt from me, but she has no idea what it will look like. I hope she won't peek at my blog along the way.

A few months ago Gigi was in my office, telling me that she likes pizza and smelly flowers. I got an inspiration and quickly shooed her out of my office, then made this sketch:
Flower with petals that look like pizza slices

Not long after that I was at Jo-Ann's and saw this display:
Pizza shaped petals

A short time later I spied this napkin at a retirement party for another co-worker:
The large pink flower at top left has petals that look like pizza slices. Wow!

Here is the layout for the quilt.

Inspiration for the color scheme: The candy that Gigi keeps at her desk. I chose royal blue for the border and sashing because Gigi wears that color fairly often.

Red and yellow fabrics wouldn't be tough to find. But the white and red stripe might be a challenge. I looked at a couple of fabric stores while I was out and about recently but none of the stripes wanted to be in the quilt. Below are some of the stash fabrics I tried out.

I liked this last one the best. The stripe was a little different than on the candy but looked good in the wedge shape.

Fabrics for the quilt
Look carefully to see the candies.

Pattern for the flowers (from Electric Quilt)

I used this Lite EZ-Steam II which is a double-sided adhesive fusible web. You don't need to iron to get it to stick to the fabric, and the pieces are movable until you iron into place.

Most of the first flower block. I may trim a bit of length from the petals because they seem a little long. I'll add a yellow center, along with pizza slice-shaped leaves. After ironing, I plan to zigzag around the edges to keep them in place.

I'm pretty excited about this project. I think it will go quickly.



  1. I love all the thought you put into this project and reading about your process. I hope to see the final quilt and it will mean so much to Gigi to know you worked so hard to make quilt all about her. Well done!

  2. Thanks so much, Beth. It's fun to design a quilt that has a lot of meaning to the recipient. Gigi and I see each other at work several times a day. I just giggle and she giggles back. I hope she likes her quilt.


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