Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make It Monday 10/29/2012

I was away on a personal quilting retreat by the ocean part of last week. Here are a couple of pictures of what I worked on while I was there:

Pick Up Stix from the book Quilters Playtime

Blocks were partially made, finally figured out they were from the book Thinking Outside the Block, which I had left behind.

Also this week I made these Halloween candy bags for my granddaughters:
Minnie Mouse     Daphne from Scooby Doo

Minnie Mouse fabric for lining

Striped lining

More details about my retreat, as well as making the candy bags, to come.

This week I will continue working on the Africa Hope quilt.

What are your quilting plans this week? Please leave a comment about them. I'd love to hear what you're working on.



  1. Love your projects,just beautiful!!

  2. Thanks, Rosa. The girls collected a lot of candy with those bags. I'm sure they'll find other uses for them now that Halloween is over.


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