Thursday, October 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday 10/17/2012

Africa Hope Quilt Sketch 
(Read more about the quilt here.)
Removed background and used Organized Chaos Grid and System to color the blocks.

Green, orange, pink, yellow and blue fabrics - same as those in the grid

Divided quilt fabrics into five roughly equal groups - each group has a mix of light/medium and dark fabrics

First two Bright Hopes blocks are made up of light orange and dark orange. Pulled a couple of lights (green and yellow) and a dark (checked fabric) from the Orange pile.

Above: close-up of the selvage on the African fabric

Bright Hopes block - traditional piecing, lots of partial seams

I simplified to this piecing, with no partial seams.

Center are of the block

Added strips to the top and bottom
Finished block has a similar look as the traditionally pieced block.

Middle sections of the first six Bright Hopes blocks
Background strips to be added later

This quilt will be very colorful. I am not trying to coordinate fabrics within each block. Actually I'd rather pair two unlikely fabrics together for very busy, lively blocks. When the last four Bright Hopes "middles" are done, I'll start making the Hope of Hartford blocks.


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