Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Make It Monday 10/15/2012

This week I'm beginning a quilt that was commissioned by co-worker and friend Debbie S. The quilt will be a gift for Susan G., the daughter of Debbie's friends. Ten years ago Susan, a psychologist and her husband Frank A., an anesthesiologist, sold all their belongings and moved to Africa to begin F.A.M.E., a medical care facility in Tanzania, Africa.

The quilt has much symbolism. Here is the brochure from a recent fundraiser held locally:
Debbie asked me to try to find blocks that had the word Hope in them.

I found Hope of Hartford and Bright Hopes quilt blocks.

Per Debbie the quilt should be quite colorful, like the dress of the people who come to the facility.
In addition, Debbie had a wish to include the orange-gold that was in the border of the brochure.

Here are the fabrics Debbie provided. Debbie used all of the fabrics to decorate the food tables at the fundraiser, and she wanted them to be included in the quilt. That's a colorful start! The checked fabric is actually from Africa.

My original Electric Quilt sketch
The actual quilt would be much scrappier and livelier than shown.
By the way, I sized down the Bright Hopes block so that the center square was the same size as the one in Hope of Hartford. I surrounded the Bright Hopes block with background fabric, which will help give the lively quilt more "stability".

I pulled a bunch of possibilities from my own stash for Debbie's review. I let Debbie know that I would not be offended if she rejected any of the fabrics. These were the keepers, about half of my offerings. I have more solids and tone-on-tones in my stash, which I will add as needed. I have a feeling I'll need some darks.

Mostly new purchases yesterday
Top left: background - represents the red clay of the area.
Top center (from my stash): narrow border to separate the background from the yellow (top right) outer border.
Print on the bottom: fat quarter to represent the giraffe fabric that was at the fundraiser but somehow didn't make it home with Debbie.

Here is the new sketch. As before, the quilt will be much scrappier than pictured.

I plan to use the three prints from Debbie's original fabric collection for the backing. I think it will be a good way to use up what is leftover in that group.

I washed and dried the fabrics, except the African fabric, tonight. I should start sewing tomorrow night.

What are your quilting plans for the week? Please leave a comment about them. I'd love to hear what you're going to work on.


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