Wednesday, October 03, 2012

WIP Wednesday 10/3/2012

Main part of quilt top
Cat-themed for someone who loves cats

Have had this fabric in my stash for many years.
The quilt is for a guy. The print is cartoony, but has colors that seem masculine enough for the recipient.

Electric Quilt sketch with Puss in the Corner blocks

Auditioning accent colors. Rust and yellow are from stash.

Yellow seemed rather ordinary so I went with the rust color.

One of the squares that will form the center of the blocks

Strips added to the sides

Blue strips added to every other square

Rust strips added

Looking good so far

I like to strip piece. This is about half of the actual unit. I can get 11 3.5" cuts from each strip set.

Above: strip sets added, ready to be sewn together

Above: two different blocks sewn together

The skinny strip on the right is all that is left of this particular blue fabric, which was from stash. I was hoping I could piece the main part of the top using only this fabric, because the new fabric I bought is close but perhaps not identical. I don't mind if the border is a slightly different blue. By the way, I washed the blue fabrics together, hoping that the dyes would cross each other to make the fabrics blend better.

Blocks laid out on the design wall

Quilt top sewn together in four horizontal rows

Once again, the quilt top - main part. Will add a wide border of dark blue to finish the top.

 I plan to get the quilt completed this weekend, to be presented as a gift on Monday. Until then, I'm keeping the recipient's name a secret.



  1. It is looking great. I was about to ask if you finished it and got it to its new home, but then I knew better. Of course you did :)

  2. Thanks, Jenn. I did only a little work on the quilt over the weekend. Looks like Wednesday will be the delivery date.


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