Thursday, October 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday 10/10/2012

Manny, adai*
For co-worker Manny E., who loves cats
Puss in the Corner quilt blocks
Partly from stash
52" x 64"
Completed 10/10/2012
*Adai (sounds like a-day): Chamorro for approximately For Pete's Sake!
My Guamanian mother used the phrase (Name), adai when she was frustrated with one of us kids or our dad. It has become a friendly greeting between Manny and me whenever we pass each other at work, which is often!

Have had the cat-themed fabric for at least 10 years
Have wondered where it would end up

My next project will be a gift for the friend of a friend.  The quilt will have a very colorful African sort of feel, inspired by the recipient's work in Africa. My friend Debbie gave me a sack of fabrics to start with. I'll check my stash to see what might work with the collection. Also I need to figure out a design. On Sunday Debbie and I will shop for a few more fabrics. I'll share when I have fabrics gathered and a design chosen.


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  1. Cute quilt! Eventually every fabric finds just the right project - at least that's what I keep telling myself. :-)


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