Monday, October 08, 2012

Make It Monday 10/8/2012

I'm beginning a series of weekly posts that I call Make It Monday. I'll talk about what I'm working on currently, and give you an opportunity to link up your blog or Comment about your own current quilty project(s).

Main part of cat quilt top

Today I'm continuing to work on the cat quilt. I didn't get much sewing done over the weekend. As a matter of fact last night I managed to cut the strips for the wide border and that is as much progress as I've made since Wednesday.

Tonight I'm planning to get the border sewn on and do a pillowcase finish to the point of turning the quilt right side out/ Then tomorrow I want to stitch around the edge of the quilt and tie knots, with the intent of delivery on Wednesday.

What are your quilting plans for the next few days? I'd love to hear about them. Link up or leave a Comment.

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