Friday, August 26, 2011

Home Circle Block Finished

Home Circle quilt block

Getting ready to cut housekeeping fabric, which is a diamond shape in the pattern.  Only have a yard, need 20 diamonds measuring 7" per side. Cutting the fabric in diagonals in the hope of maximizing the fabric.

First diagonal cut made

Cut fabric at 7". Cross cuts will be 7".

Housekeeping fabric diamond ready for paper-piecing.

Twenty housekeeping fabric diamonds - four for each of the five Home Circle blocks

Last week I finished the first Home Circle quilt block for housekeeper Cristine’s quilt. I paper-pieced Diamond-in-the-Square units for the corners. I usually improvise a light box by using a sunny window, but by the time I was ready the sun had gone down already.

Using my shower door as a light box

Housekeeping fabric diamond placed on the paper-piecing pattern

 "Light box" station in my shower: printed patterns, tape, housekeeping fabric diamonds

After considering different alternatives, I used the inside of my glass shower door as a light box. I stood inside the (dry) shower and taped the paper pattern to the glass, printed side away from me. The light shining through the glass and paper allowed me to place the fabric over the pattern correctly—all 20 of them. Kinda weird but it worked.

Diamond in the Square unit

Set of Diamond in the Square units for one Home Circle block. Note the black corner is different in each unit. Took precautions to avoid frustration and do-overs.

The Home Circle block has four Diamond-in-the-Square units, each of those having a housekeeping fabric in the center, plus three red corners and one black corner. The black corner was in a different position for each of the units, as well. To help keep things straight I arranged four housekeeping-centered units as they pleased my eye. Then I marked the black corners of each unit with a B, knowing that all of the remaining corners were to be red. As I sewed a unit, I started with black so I wouldn’t forget. I’m sure those precautions saved some frustration and do-overs.

Mock-up of Home Circle block. Trying out three prints to fill spaces: scissors, dog paws, dotted daisies. Originally intended to use housekeeping fabric, but there wasn't enough leftover.

Finished Hearth and Home block placed next to scissors. Not bad. Good contrast with dog bones fabric.

Comparing with dog paws. Not enough contrast with dog bones fabric, looks gray and muddy.

Comparing with dotted daisies. Good contrast with dog bones fabric, like the openness and the bit of red. Ultimately my choice.

Strip pieced black and daisies, cross-cut, placed on mock-up Home Circle block. I like it.

Once I had a set of Diamond-in-the-Square units done, I needed to decide on filler squares to make up for the lack of leftover housekeeping fabric. I auditioned three prints: scissors, dog paws and dotted daisies. The scissors had a similar personality to the housekeeping fabric, but I wasn’t convinced that it related to Cristine. The dog paws fabric definitely related to the Boston Terrier theme of the quilt, but it was darker than I wanted. The dotted daisies fabric was not part of the theme, but I liked the openness, which was similar to the housekeeping fabric. Ultimately I chose the daisies.

Diamond in the Square units trimmed

Block sewn in three horizontal rows

Home Circle block finished

Home Circle block surrounded by previously finished Hearth and Home blocks. The corners will be filled with more Home Circle blocks.

When it came time to assemble the block, I had to trim the paper-pieced Diamond-in-the-Square units. The blocks were printed at 8” without seam allowance so they would print without a problem. I had to remember to add a 1/4” to each edge, otherwise the unit would be too small.

I’ve been working on Diamond-in-the-Square units, generally one set of four per night. I have one more set to go, which I will finish tonight. That being done, I will assemble the last four Home Circle blocks. Things will go very quickly after that.

Design notes

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  1. shower door light box? very, very resourceful debbie! most quilters are, i believe. looks good so far, can't wait to see the end result!


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