Saturday, August 20, 2011

Headed to Sacramento

Today I'm off to Sacramento for the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting. For show and tell I have five completed blocks for Cristine's Bosties, the main part of the quilt top of Wavy Irish Chain, and the makings of a quilt for co-worker Wanda.

After the meeting I plan to stop at my friend Tom P.'s church and say hi. He'll be there working all day. The church is on Sunrise Boulevard, not far from my meeting, and usually I take this road on the way to other places after the meeting is over.  It will be nice to see Tom again.  Tom is a fellow musician and we played in bands and orchestras together at my church for close to 30 years. A few years ago Tom became worship pastor at the church in the Sacramento area.  He visits my church now and again and it's always great to see him.  He usually greets me with "Bubba! How be ye?"

Later in the day I'll be going to Beverly Fabrics for a Wizard of Oz festival.  My daughter Lisa is a huge Wizard of Oz fan, and I'm going to make a Winged Monkey hat for her.  It should be fun.

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