Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enrolled and Booked a Hotel

I’ve been waiting for an email for 20% off the Skillpath seminar Sparking Innovation and Creativity in Sacramento. With the class only a week away I thought about waiting a couple more days, but decided to go ahead and enroll—mostly because I wanted to get a good rate on a hotel room the night before the seminar.

I called Skillpath this afternoon and got 10% off the class, as promised earlier, which knocked the price from $199 to $179. I was happy about that. They tried to sell me a book New and Improved for $14.99 which they said was good reading before the seminar. But I didn’t think I could get the book before the class so I declined. As it turns out, I found the same book at for $.01 plus expedited shipping for a total of $7.00! If I’m lucky I’ll get the book before I leave on Tuesday, but if not it will be waiting for me when I get back. And I got a good bargain on it.

Tonight I checked online for a hotel room. I’d been seeing offers on for $46-$49 for a 3-star hotel near the seminar. When I went to check tonight the offers had gone way up to over $100. Bummer. I did some comparing at different travel booking sites and ended up paying $52 for a surprise hotel, which turned out to be a nice hotel, only a mile or so away from the seminar.
I’m very happy with today’s results, and I’m getting excited about next week’s seminar.

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