Monday, August 01, 2011

Quilt top sewn together

Wavy Irish Chain quilt top sewn together

Chose second row from bottom, which had the most jagged edges.
Cut along ups and downs of blocks, trying to create as little waste as possible.

Flipped the row so cut edge is on right. Overlapped edge of bottom row so all of its edges were covered.

Cut along the curve most of the way, stopping just before the last block. The bottom row of blocks had a nice curve already and I wanted to integrate it.  Cut off most of waste (see handle of rotary cutter.)  Blue pencil shows pre-existing curve.  Cut to blend curves.

Bottom two rows cut, ready to sew together.

Rows sewn together

Most rows sewn together. Concerned about next seam, edges aren't going to meet up.  Right third of dark pink nine patch will likely be lost (see dark rectangle's left edge).

Close-up of area of concern
Solution: took in another 1/8" in every seam of the dark pink's row.  I'm liking where the edges meet now. 

Rows sewn together.  It worked out!

All rows sewn together

Last night I finished sewing the quilt top together. It looks great. I love the wavy horizontal seams.

The next step is to attach a border—wavy, of course. I’m thinking a darker pink. I’ve checked part of my stash but nothing is jumping out at me yet. I have a couple more places to look.

Design notes

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