Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tomorrow is the Creativity seminar

Tomorrow is the day for the Skillpath seminar Sparking Innovation and Creativity in Sacramento. I'm leaving today and spending the night near the seminar venue so I won't have to fight early morning traffic.

On the way to Sacramento I'm taking a little detour to Vacaville to deliver two big bags of fabric to Marilyn L., an internet quilting friend who makes a lot of charity quilts. I'm giving her roughly one-third of my fabric, the result of a recent decluttering. Charity quilting is near and dear to my own heart, so I am happy to donate my extra fabric to someone who will use it to make quilts for people who need some cheering up.

The class I'm taking is designed for business, but I'm taking it mostly to help benefit my quilting. I'm sure I'll pick up dozens of ideas to apply to my quilt designs.

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