Friday, August 26, 2011

Follow up on Stash Reduction

This post is in response to a nice comment made on my previous post: How to reduce my fabric stash by one-third.

Will I buy new fabric to replace what I gave away or buy as needed?
For some time now I have been buying fabrics as needed for my projects. Gone are the days when I bought yards of fabric purely on speculation. My quilting budget is $50 per month, which seems to be just enough to make one quilt with mostly new fabric and batting. But I do pick up fat quarters or a yard of something fabulous now and then. I'm not on Stashbuster's No-Buy program and I don't feel guilty about my purchases.

Fabric donations
I get fabric donations, mostly from co-workers and friends. One thing I've learned to ask is: If there is something I can't use, is it okay to pass it along to someone else? No one has said no yet. That gives me the freedom to do whatever I think is best with the donation. I keep some, give some away to a charity organization such as Binky Patrol, and some just goes in the garbage (so flimsy you can see through it).

My daughter-in-law Laurie is a member of MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) through our church. Twice yearly they hold yard sales to raise funds for the group. I donate bags of scraps that I collect as I sew. They also get the weird but good fabric like holiday stuff, which in my mind isn't appropriate for regular everyday quilts.

I'll be posting about the Creativity seminar and the trip shortly.

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