Friday, September 02, 2011

Housekeeper quilt on temporary hold

The good news: By last Saturday night I had finished seven of nine blocks for housekeeper Cristine’s quilt. The bad news: I brought two different sample blocks to church on Sunday to show quilting friends, and someone took off with the Walgreen’s bag with the blocks in it. I doubt it was on purpose. I think the lady who sat in my usual spot on the front pew scooped it up as she was leaving with her little boy, thinking the bag was hers.

I attend a large church and I don’t know the lady. I didn’t see her leave because I was playing the piano at the time and my back was to her. I’m hoping she’ll bring back the bag this Sunday and put it back where she found it or turn it in to Lost and Found.

Meanwhile, I’ve put a hold on the project. I had hoped to give the quilt to Cristine this week, but I’m waiting a few days to see if my blocks return. I’m thinking of alternatives in case I never get the blocks back. For the most part, either I have enough leftover fabric to re-create the blocks, or the fabric is easy to get.

The housekeeping fabric was an online purchase, so I’d probably just substitute other fabric and stick that block in the middle. I had extra of the Boston Terrier fabric, but it is in the lost bag. I’d have to fudge around that, too, since it is special order fabric, expensive, and takes three weeks to get.

I’m hoping to get the blocks back. If not, I’ll make it work somehow.

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